The Directorate Assessment and ARPL provides assessment services for candidates registered under learners contracts with SETAs as well as for candidates that has gained sufficient and relevant experience in the workplace.

The two access routes to the trade test is described in the trade test regulations published in May 2015, Gazette 38758 under regulations 11(3) and 11(5).

The institution is situated in Olifantsfontein just of the R 562 toward Kempton park and is accredited for a range of listed trades, the trade test fees varies between R 250 to R 550 dependent on the trade.

Trade test applications for contracted learners are administrated by the relevant SETA and only candidates that are not binded by learners contracts and who meets the requirement of regulation 11(5) may apply for trade testing directly at INDLELA, INDLELA also provides accommodation and catering for candidates at a very affordable rate.



Prospective ARPL candidates apply at an accredited Trade Test Centre, accredited for the trade which is being applied for, to undergo an ARPL process. At application the prospective candidate completes a standard application form, found in the toolkit, for statistical purposes. The application form must be completed electronically and manually as per the toolkit, until such a time as regulation 2(1) and 2(4) of the Trade Test Regulation is implemented. Where the candidate cannot use technology, such a candidate will be assisted. At application the candidate will be assessed for compliance against the Criteria and Guidelines for the implementation of ARPL. Where the candidate does not comply, he/she must be informed of the reasons for non-compliance and what is needed to meet the requirements. Where a candidate complies, he/she will be assisted with the compilation of the PoE. Candidates must be encouraged to bring a CV and supporting documents with when applying for ARPL in order to complete a PoE.


After applying for ARPL, the candidate will be inducted together with other registered ARPL candidates to inform them of:

  • What ARPL is
  • The purpose and process of ARPL.
  • The documentation needed for the Evaluatory PoE.
  • The legislative framework related to ARPL.
  • What expectations are created and how to manage those expectations.


The ARPL candidate must compile a PoE that includes a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and any other certified supporting documents of qualifications and current and previous employment together with the trade related duties performed, together with any photographic proof, where available. Where a candidate is self-employed, such a candidate must provide proofs of trade related evidence and affidavits (signed in the presence of an officer of the law) from clients and a community leader to support the request for ARPL. All documents in the PoE must align with a checklist provided by the NAMB... Read more